Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New repository and updates for Server XR

Hello everyone,

We've been working on a new repository for our Kwort 2.4 based distribution included in the ServerXR.

Well this new repository is finally ready and online.

Thing is that moving to this new repository isn't so easy, so we created a little script to make your life easier (and ours too, as that means less support requests).

So please do:

wget http://kwort.aircable.net/updates/update01.sh
bash update01.sh

If you have any non Spanish keyboard you might want to temporary load the keymap for your country, for example for US you can use:
loadkeys us
(Just replace us with your keyboard layout).

That will not only get your system ready to use the new repository, but also update all your packages. It might take some minutes to do all it's work.


1 comment:

Manuel Naranjo said...

BTW keyboard mapping is also fixed after this update.