Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Updated documents for the Server XR

Hello everyone,

We just updated some docs for the Server XR specially regarding package handling, you can find them at:

Last month we were in Chicago in the Chicago Sensor's Expo showing some of our stuff. Among the things we were showing one was a new server targeting industrial uses. This is just a Linux based obex server using the Server XR, one of the reason why this thing hasn't reached the public yet was instability of obex-data-server but with release 0.3.3 of ODS things had really changed. So expect this new package to be in our servers soon.

This new project is intended for remote sensor networks where you put a main server getting messages from all your bluetooth sensors and then making some stuff in that server like committing to a web server, showing on a screen, or what ever you can imagine. The other part of the server, which we will start working soon will be an SPP server so your sensors can connect to the server over a wireless cable and exchange data between them, this way you can implement stuff as a remote interactive screen.

All this new server code is been developed together with our new Development Kit for the AIRcable SMD which will be available soon, if you want any more information don't doubt about reaching us.

And as always you will be able to find all our code in our google code site.