Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy new year everyone!, How small Linux can go?

Wow it's been a long since my last post. I promise I will start making posts more regularly! This will be my present for this brand new year.

From our side we had been very very busy, and we have a lot of exiting new ideas and projects. Right now we are working on getting Kwort Linux ( ) an Slackware based Linux distribution, into a machine based on the Vortex86 processor. This is a pc compatible computer, with about 10 * 10 * 4 cm with all the things you could imagine you can find on your desktop pc. Except of a monitor off course. It has RAM, a CF reader so you can use CF cards as hard drives, a VGA board, Ethernet and even a sound system, all integrated for quite a little price. Here you can find the machine if you want to know how it looks like:

Anyway, the thing is that we got Linux working on it (Thaks David, AKA Nomius, for your help and the great work you have done with Kwort). And we are working on some packages so others can use it too, without the need to waste time like we did.

So stay tuned, and I promise you will hear from us more frequently,