Thursday, May 15, 2008

How to install packages into Server XR, a real example of how to get mplayer running.

Hello everyone,

Now that we have the new repository running you all can install packages in a quite easy way.

For example, suppose you want to install mplayer then you do:

root@Aquiles:~/kpkg install mplayer
Done (install) mplayer.

As the Server XR is not a full Kwort 2.4 there might be chances it is missing some packages, specially libraries. So we check for that:

root@Aquiles:~/ldd /usr/bin/mplayer | grep not => not found => not found => not found => not found => not found

So now we have a list of missing libraries, we need to install lots of packages, but which package includes each library? Well that's easy to tell thanks to kpkg, for example let's suppose we want to find out who provides faac:

root@Aquiles:~/kpkg search faac
Package found: faac
* mirror:

As you can see there's a package called faac, so it's quite provable this is the one, then we install it:

root@Aquiles:~/kpkg install faac
Done (install) faac.

Now we can check for missing libraries again:

root@Aquiles:~/ldd /usr/bin/mplayer | grep not => not found => not found => not found => not found

You can see that libfaac has been removed from the list, so then it has been installed.

The other packages you will need to install are:
* speex
* libogg
* xvidcode
* libtheora

You will need to call kpkg install for each of this items.

That's all now you can run mplayer without any problems.

This has been an ready to use guide on how to install a certain package, hope it helps.