Saturday, May 3, 2008

New ServerXR image

For all those that have all ready bought a Server XR, we're glad to announce that during the week we launched out a new image (file system) for our ServerXR.

You can follow this guide: to get the update done.

There are 2 known bugs on this new version, that are all ready fixed, and solutions will be published during the week:
* BlueZ plugin services fails to load, this is a known bug in the bluez original package, related to the way things get compiled, we all ready have our package fixed, and will be in our repository during the week.
* KPKG fails to install standalone packages, we're including a pre-release version of kpkg, kwort package manager, this new version includes support for multiple repositories, but one of our users has been able to find a bug on it, even before us. We told the kpkg team (I'm a new member of it by the way) and they fixed it. This new version has some fascinating new things for the ServerXR, for example you can safely pull upgrades from the main kwort repository without worrying those updates will breake your ServerXR as ServerXR specific packages are been maintained by us, in our own repositories.

Well that's all by now, stay tuned, we'll let you know as soon as the new packages are there.