Tuesday, December 19, 2006

AIRcable's JEdit Plugin

We are starting to work on a plugin to JEdit, the idea is to someday on the future have a full IDE for working with our Basic code.

Here are a list of somethings that our pluging might do in the future (not in order):
  • Find References, this will simply find all the places where a certain line is called.
  • Move Line, this will change a line number and update the references.
  • Move Piece of Code, this will move a selected piece of code to some other place, will also take care of references.
  • Full Code Renumbering: this will make all the code related to each interrupt be togheter (I mean all the lines will be one after each other) then it will renumber all the interrupt and will try to leave 10 lines between one interrupt and the other.
  • Syntaxis higlighting.
  • Systaxis and Gramtic checking, this will also check that all the command used are real, and nothing is miss spelled.
I wait for your suggestions,