Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Packages for Server XR

Hello everyone,

We just finished uploading some new packages for the Server XR. This post will be rather short telling which packages had been upgraded and how to install them, a more detailed post will be made soon.

Updated packages:
  • Recommended to update:
    • Bluez-libs: Updated to version 3.28
    • Bluez-utils: Updated to version 3.28, compiling all the dbus services now.
    • Obex-Data-Server: Updated to version 0.3.
    • OpenProximity: Updated to version 0.1.1.
  • Optional:
    • Bluez-hcidump: Updated to version 1.41
Check this little guide on how to upgrade packages, take special atention to the note in the end.

Packaging software is a very interesting experience, only that it's quite repetitive and can become REALLY boring, so now we are going to use scripts to package, you can check our scripts and see how we make our packages here.

Thanks a lot,
Manuel Naranjo
Wireless Cables Inc.