Friday, March 2, 2007

Command Line Version 0.6 Released

Hello everyone,
We had just released the command line version 0.6. This new version includes a lot of new and exciting stuff like:
  • Command line over Bluetooth for the AIRcableSMD.
  • Power Measurement for the future AIRcableOS.
  • PIO list editing from the command line.
  • PIN and Name settings regarding the unique number of each AIRcable device.
  • Parity and Stop Bits configuration from the command line.
  • .....
You can see the electronic version of the docs from: here.

And you can download the code here:
UART Version - For all Devices
SPP Version - Only for AIRcableSMD

Please leave your comments with feedback, suggestions and questions, feel free to ask.
Manuel Naranjo

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