Saturday, March 3, 2007

Code Highlight for JEdit

Hello everyone,
I just ended submitting a file that does the code Highlighting for AIRcable Basic code in the JEdit editor.

You can find the file here: download
You will need to modify the file that is under $HOME/.jedit/modes called catalog, you need to add this line:
before the tag.

$HOME is C:\Documents and Settings\\ in Windows or /home/ in Unix systems like Linux or Mac.

Here you have an snapshot of how the code highlighting looks like:

With this new tool you can tell if you are writing the code well or not. If any of the commands you write doesn't highlight somehow then that command doesn't exist on the OS.

This is the first part of our next AIRcable JEdit's Pluging, feel free to try it, and to give us your comments.

Manuel Naranjo
AIRcable Development Blog Admin.

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