Monday, March 19, 2007

Command Line Version 0.7 SPP and Devel Tools Alpha 2 Released

Hello everyone,

We has just released version 0.7 SPP of our command line. This corrects a bug that made version 0.6 SPP don't behave correctly when using a parity different than even. WARNING: Only upload this code to AIRcable SMD. It's not compatible with other devices.

This should be our last release before we make the Command Line version 1.0, which will be fully rewritten from scratch, thanks to your suggestions we could improve our tool, and now is time to make it much better.

We have also corrected some bugs on our JEdit tools, please start using the Alpha 2 instead of the Alpha 1, serious bugs where found on the first alpha release.

You can get all this stuff from:

Manuel Naranjo

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