Saturday, January 13, 2007

Command Line Version 0.5 Released, Devel Tools Alpha Release

The version 0.5 of the command line is ready for be used. You can download it from here: you can also download our source code from here:

We have also been working on a set of tools that you can use to make BASIC code development easier. The tools can be downloaded from here:, this devel tools need and will only run with Java 6 which you can get from . If you want to try this tools simply do java -jar aircabletools.jar (from inside the folder where you downloaded the tools), you will see the list of commands, and if you do java -jar aircabletools.jar you will get the list of arguments to that command. This set of tools is the base for our next JEdit Plugin, so you can start trying them while we work on the plugin.
Just one thing, there is a bug on the code related to lines movement. In case you want to move code you firstly must move the code to an empty area (For example line 2000 which can't be used), you make all your work on those lines and then get them back to it's original place. We know this bug, we will correct it in the future.

Fell free to test our stuff, and give us your comments.